Brachycaulos Green Air Plant

tillandsia brachycaulos green air plant
tillandsia brachycaulos green air plants

Brachycaulos Green Air Plant

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Hailing from the exotic locales of Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela, the Tillandsia brachycaulos green air plant is a very special hybrid version of the beloved brachycaulous. This dense green air plant has sturdy wide leaves that grow one upon the other, resembling the leaves on top of a pineapple!  It starts life with a deep green coloring, and as it matures will transition into a variety of red and pink hues, creating quite the display of coloring!  This air plant will bloom beautiful blue and purple flowers with a hint of yellow.  This variety likes sun, and will change colors when displayed in a sunny spot by a window or patio.


Add  a brachycaulos green to your air plant collection today!

Customer Reviews

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kristin rogers
Stunning colors

My air plants are so vibrant. Love them every single one!!


This wonderful plant arrived in beautiful shape and ready to be shown off.

Thanks for the great review!!

Dennis Smith
Nice plants

Both plants arrived promptly and in good shape, after being sold at a reasonable price.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the review! We really appreciate your business!

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