What’s Your Air Plant Wedding Style: The Modern Wedding

What’s Your Air Plant Wedding Style: The Modern Wedding

by Meriel Read

I’ll say it. I’m obsessed with air plant wedding design. I love pouring over wedding blogs and seeing new, amazing ways brides, grooms, floral and event designers are working air plants into their weddings. It almost makes me want to throw another wedding so we can use some of these ideas! (Don’t worry, Ryan. I said almost.)

So I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite air plant wedding finds, and because there are so many, I’m doing a few posts to break it up. On my last wedding post, I ran through some of my favorite beach wedding inspiration shoots featuring Tillandsia. Air plants really compliment so many wedding styles, but I especially love seeing them in a modern wedding. There is something about air plants that is at once modern and organic, so they can really shine in a more modern style of décor, while at the same time grounding some of the “edge.”


Modern + Traditional = Unexpected

The weddings that really floor me are the ones where it just completely is the bride and groom – where it’s not so much decorated or (ick) themed as it is an aesthetic reflection of the couple’s personality. This wedding featured on Wedding Chicks was a stunning mix of the couple’s modern style and the bride’s Japanese heritage. Air plants in this case helped bridge the gap between modern and traditional. I love how they used air plants amidst vibrant, lush florals in the bouquets and centerpieces to give the gorgeous flowers a bit of modern edge:

Photo by Elissa R Photography, Flowers by Primary Petals

Photo by Elissa R PhotographyFlowers by Primary Petals


Air plants also brought an organic yet modern element to the terrariums they so artfully used throughout the wedding:

Photo by Elissa R PhotographyFlowers by Primary Petals


Ultra-Modern, Green Inspiration

Of course I’m going to be all about a shoot that puts air plants on center stage. This modern wedding inspiration shoot featured on The Perfect Palette just totally revolves around air plants and I think it’s perfection. I love how they play off the air plants for all of the other elements of the décor.

The groom wears just an air plant for his boutonierre, and it works perfectly with his emerald-green tie. The effect is minimalistic and modern, but inspired by nature:

Photo by Kayla Johnson Photography, Event Design by carolyn a events 


And don’t even get me started on how perfect these little geometric air plant place settings are!

Photo by Kelly Raye Photography, Event Design by carolyn a events 


Modern and Homespun

In addition to being majorly obsessed with this brides dress (and air plant hair piece!!), I love how the couple incorporated their modern style into their DIY wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Ryan and I (with the help of some seriously phenomenal friends) put together nearly every element of our wedding ourselves, and I completely appreciate a couple that puts the work in to make it their own. Check out her amazing Xerographica bouquet!

Photo by Amanda McKinnon Photography

Air plants in this wedding did more than just echo the modern style. Because they are low maintenance and can be nestled just about anywhere, they make it super easy to achieve a high-end, unique look without going crazy over floral design. This was actually one of the reasons Ryan and I used them in our own homemade wedding and I love seeing how another couple used them in their’s:

 Photo by Amanda McKinnon Photography


Are you a modern bride? Would you use air plants in your wedding? In addition to our wholesale air plant packages we will work with brides or your event designer to create a custom air plant wedding order for you - just contact us!