Sending Some Air Plant Love

Sending Some Air Plant Love

by Meriel Read

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers. I love getting flowers, and I’ve sent my fair share as well.  There is something really nice about knowing that someone you love will get a delivery that will stop them in their tracks and brighten their day.  But, I have a few issues with flower delivery:

1. It’s expensive. I’m not trying to be cheap here but, seriously, $50 to deliver someone a bouquet that probably cost $9 at the grocery store? Ugh.

2.  Flowers die.  They are pretty for a week, MAYBE a little longer if you remember to change the water (ha!). But then they die.

3. It’s kind of expected. And especially on days like Valentines Day when everyone gives and gets flowers. Not to mention the fact that since it’s Valentines Day, up goes the price (see #1) for that slightly different version of the same bouquet you sent to her office last year.


Yes, flower delivery is sweet.  But wouldn’t it be fun to send something a little unexpected this year?  Not to mention, something that will last months, maybe even years, instead of die in a week or so?


Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Valentines Day Plant-O-Gram:



Here’s why you should send this little buddy to your sweetie/friend/mom/obsession:

1. It’s affordable! $12.99. Can’t beat it.

2. Air plants are easy to care for and last waaaaay longer than a bouquet of flowers (and sure you could send a potted plant, but hello headache for anyone without a green thumb!).  So the lucky recipient will be able to gaze at your gift for a long time, not just a week or two.

 3.  It is totally NOT your grandma’s flower delivery.  We can pretty much guarantee you that this will not be a gift they expect. Plus, each box is hand-decorated and packaged by our crafty team, so you are truly giving a one-of-a-kind gift.


Want to send a Valentines Day Plant-O-Gram?  Get them here: Just remember to place your order by midnight on Sunday 2/10 for guaranteed delivery by Valentines Day!