Sending Air Plants for Valentines Day: Our Favorite Gift Ideas

Sending Air Plants for Valentines Day: Our Favorite Gift Ideas

2 comments by Meriel Read

Ah Valentines Day. A time to support your local Hallmark show those who mean the most to you how much you love them. And while I love flowers and chocolates (mmm chocolates) as much as the next gal, I can’t help but think that the traditional bouquet of roses is a bit played out. Plus, roses die after a week or so, so you’ve basically spent a bunch of money on something that won’t be around in March. What’s the fun in that?

The better alternative? Air plants, of course! Not only are air plants unique and beautiful, but they are easy to care for and can last a long time – just like your love, right?

Whether you’re sending some love to a sweetheart, a family member, or just treating yourself (hey, nothing wrong with that), here are some of my favorite Valentines Day air plant gifts:

The Valentines Day Air Plant O Gram: Back by popular demand, this little cutie is perfect for the season. It features an air plant nestled in a pink sea urchin shell, in a fun craft gift box. No matter where your sweetheart lives, he or she can enjoy a bit of the beach in February (here’s looking at you, my chilly Northern friends).

 A Valentines Day hanging air plant terrarium: These lovely little DIY terrarium kits feature 3 healthy air plants, moss, and red ribbon so you and your loved one can arrange the perfect air plant display. Definitely a gift that will be enjoyed long after the Russel Stover boxes are marked 50% off.

A subscription to our Tilly of the Month Club: What’s better than flower delivery? Air plant delivery! And even better than that? How about premium air plants delivered to your door for months. For the cost of a nice bouquet of roses, your sweetheart can have 3 air plants delivered to their door every month for several months! This is a great gift for the air plant lover in your life, and you can choose from a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. This is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Just like your sweet, sweet love for them.


An Air Plant Design Studio gift card: Maybe your sweetheart is a control freak would like to choose his or her own air plant gift? A gift card is the way to go if you know your loved one would like air plants but want to give them the gift of choice. And you get to give a thoughtful surprise that is still sure to please.


Those are some of my top choices for Valentines Day. We have many more air plant terrarium and gift options, so find something that suits your sweetheart and get your order in by February 6th for guaranteed delivery by Valentines Day!